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A Letter from Jeff & Emily

Hello from Louisiana!

Thank you for learning more about us. We adopted our daughter and we’re excited to adopt again! We love our farm life together, complete with horses, tractors, and chickens. We are ready to adopt a boy or girl of any racial background, and will gladly welcome a personal relationship with you, if you’d like. When you’re ready, we hope to learn more about you, and the hopes you have for your child.

About Us

We met at work and have now been married for 8 happy years. Our love of nature and shared sense of humor brought us together, and we’ve created a life we love. We have always hoped to raise children and feel so blessed to have adopted our daughter, Oaklyn. We look forward to growing our family through adoption once again.

We enjoy spending time outdoors, especially with the animals around our farm. We love having the simplicity of nature around us. As a family we value any time together, whether it’s a memorable vacation, riding our horses, gardening, sing-alongs and silly dance parties (Oaklyn loves to dance!), evenings around the fire pit roasting marshmallows or grilling hotdogs, movie nights, or sharing dinners around the kitchen table.

We both love:
• College football
• Cookouts
• Bon fires
• Board games
• Reading
• Breakfast for dinner

About Emily

Emily is friendly, outgoing, sweet, and always has a positive attitude. She is an amazing mother, and enjoys anything that means caring for our family. Whether it’s grocery shopping, cleaning, decorating, playing games, singing, or cuddles and movies on the couch with Oaklyn, Emily’s nurturing heart just lights up.

She enjoys horseback riding, working in her veggie garden, and baking (her chocolate chip cookies are a family favorite!). Emily is even good on the tractor, and enjoys helping to keep up the farm. She loves sharing her love (and secret cookie recipe!) as a mom.

About Jeff

Jeff is the most loving man I have ever met. He always puts others first and really listens to what you have to say.

Outside of working the farm, Jeff enjoys football, lifting weights, reading, and tweaking his secret recipe for his amazing ribs. As a dad, he’s very attentive, and can make Oaklyn giggle like no one else. He’s always teaching her new things, and Jeff is Oaklyn’s favorite for bedtime routines. I’ve been blessed to see what an amazing role model Jeff already is to his two adult children. I know that he will continue to be an involved, loving, supportive dad to our
daughter, and to the next child we adopt.

Our Home in Louisiana

We live on a 20-acre farm in a two-story, country style home with tons of light and 5 bedrooms. There’s a large kitchen where Emily does all her baking, a library for cozy reading, and plenty of room to play inside and out.

We love our farm and look forward to the memories our kids will have growing up here. Oaklyn already loves running around with our sweet dogs, climbing trees, riding the tractor with us, collecting eggs from our chickens, riding the horses, picking fresh veggies from the garden, and going for local road trips in one of our “old” classic cars.

Our Daughter, Oaklyn

We were blessed to adopt our daughter, Oaklyn, who is now 4 years old. We love watching her grow and seeing her personality come out. She LOVES being outside, running and playing with the dogs, helping in the garden, or feeding the horses and chickens with us. She’s excited about having a sibling, and has been helping get the nursery ready. She will be the sweetest big sister!

Our Family

Our families have been so supportive of our adoption journey. They were ecstatic when Oaklyn became our daughter! Every year Emily’s family gets together in the mountains for a weekend and enjoys fishing, hiking, water-skiing, and putt-putt. Jeff has two grown children from a previous marriage, Michael and Paige, who are excited to welcome another sibling.

We have family nearby, as well as out of state, such as in New York and Tennessee. It’s fun to get together, and plan trips to see each other throughout the year.

Our Promise

We promise to love and cherish your child. We will offer him or her a safe, stable home full of support to pursue his or her talents or dreams. Each of us grew up involved in music, sports, and scouts, and we hope to share these opportunities with our children, if they are interested. We promise to be the best cheerleaders as parents! We will pass down our values for hard work, education, compassion for others, and appreciation for the outdoors. We promise to give our love, affection, and guidance to help your child grow strong spiritually, mentally, and physically.

We are happy to share letters, pictures, and visits with you after the adoption, if you’d like to stay in touch. To learn more about us, please call or text Lifetime at 1-800-923-6784.

Thinking of you, Jeff & Emily

Learn More About Jeff & Emily

  Jeff Emily
Our EducationMaster's DegreeMaster's Degree
Our ProfessionsProgram SupervisorBiologist
Stay-At-HomeNoNo, but will be taking maternity leave
Our Racial BackgroundCaucasianCaucasian
Some of Jeff & Emily's Favorites
Favorite PlaceThe beach/ocean and the great outdoorsThe mountains and in the hammock out in the pasture with the horses
Favorite FoodsFlavorful foods and barbecueCHOCOLATE!!! Mexican food and fresh baked cookies
Favorite ActivityBarbecuing, cross fit training, traveling, fishing, and spoiling EmilyTime with family and friends, crocheting, gardening, and caring for the animals
Favorite Football TeamGeorgia BulldogsGeorgia Bulldogs
Favorite Activities TogetherCookouts, board games, and readingReading and board games
Favorite SeasonSpringAutumn
Favorite HolidayHoliday cookoutThanksgiving
More About Our Family
Our Special Interests

We love spending time together and enjoying life’s little moments with our family and friends. We cherish the simple things like finding a praying mantis or watching and listening to the hummingbirds that visit each year. We share a love of sports, reading, grilling, and antiques.

Our Faith

We believe in God and Jesus Christ. We're active with our church family and look forward to introducing them to your little one(s). We intend to raise our children with our church family and instill in them our religious values to help them grow with understanding and love.

Our Musical Interest

Our taste in music is pretty eclectic. We listen to anything from The Beatles and Elvis to The Rolling Stones, Queen, George Strait, Carrie Underwood, Pink, and Bruno Mars, just to name a few. Jeff enjoys listening to his music via the ol' fashioned record player complete with the crackles and pops, while Emily enjoys listening to her phone with earbuds while on the tractor.

About Our Home in Louisiana

We have 4 horses, 4 dogs, 2 cats, and 5 chickens on the farm. Our animals are all are sweet, kind, and gentle with kids. The horses are incredibly patient as children learn to ride and pet them.

We have a small vegetable garden that yields more than we can usually eat. Our extra vegetables and eggs are shared with our friends and neighbors. We love being able to pick fresh veggies for dinner. We have greatly enjoyed teaching Oaklyn about gardening. She eats beans and asparagus as soon as we pick them! Gardening is something we both learned from our parents and grandparents, and we look forward to sharing this with your child too.

Our Children

Jeff has 2 grown kids from his previous marriage: Michael, who is a high school special-ed teacher, and Paige, who lives in south Carolina. We are proud to see them building their own adventure in life, and happy they always make time to call and reconnect with our family. They look forward to visiting and teaching their little siblings all the best spots on the farm for hide-and-seek!

Together, we have a 4-year old daughter named Oaklyn, who we adopted. Some of Oaklyn’s favorite things are reading, watching Paw Patrol, bath time, swimming, playing dress up, veggies (she eats a lot of them!), playgrounds, and just being silly with us. She likes to copy Jeff while he’s working out. She helps Emily water the garden. She recently learned about rubbing herbs and smelling the scent on her hands. Oaklyn loves playing with other kids. She’s very helpful – she picks up her toys and cleans up messes at home and at daycare. She likes to help set the table, help with the laundry, and of course, help with the farm chores.

We live in the state of...


Our Neighborhood

Being in the middle of 20-acres, we do not sit right next to our neighbors, however, we all still have a strong sense of community. We know one another's cars and animals, and we all look out for each other. For example, when our neighbor’s donkey, gets out and visits all the neighbors, we know where he needs to go and help get him back home. We help each other and we are blessed to have great neighbors.

We Prefer a Child Who Is...
Age of Child

newborn to 1 yr old




Boy or Girl

Sibling Group

Yes, with the oldest up to 2 years old

Ethnicity of ChildAny ethnicity or racial background
Future Contact with Birth Family

We are open to pictures, letters, phone calls, and visits, if you are comfortable.

In Closing

Thank you for taking the time to read through our website and learn more about us. We hope that this has helped you feel closer to us and has shown you a glimpse of our fun-filled lives. We look forward to meeting you and sharing letters, pictures, and visits as your little one grows within our supportive and active home.

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